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About us

About Us

Central Creations is a joint multi-purpose partnership enterprise that formed a community or family relationship between the partners and the customers that attains the services and products. Mr N. B. Kubheka, Miss S. P. Masondo and Miss T. P. Mazibuko are the board of directors or executive members of the partnership. The partnership situated in Osizweni Township, Newcastle KwaZulu Natal, as a development of the plan in the city. Internet café, Restaurant & Bakery, Salon (Take Care) and business central are enterprises forming Central Creations.


Central Creations (Pty) Ltd aims to bring quality service to the community and to better the living standard with equity, involving it’ self to design an education systems to equip and better the knowledge of society in various sectors.


The mission of Central Creations is to professionalize, evolve, develop, and create an excellent community in business and career while creating jobs. Central Creations is developed to assist in business growth, business maturity, creation of legacies through enterprises, and partnership of a well-developed township and surrounding areas. Central Creations (Pty) Ltd brings quality products and space for entrepreneurs to upscale their sales.