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Infant Package


A Central Creations business service package that helps entrepreneurs to register their businesses through governmental institutions, get company profiles, logos, non-disclosure agreement and share certificate.

Business Plan

R3 500,00 R3 000,00

Starter Package


 (Pty) Ltd registration  Company profile (Hard copy & soft copy)  Company confidentiality agreement (Hard copy & soft copy)  Logo  Share certificate (Hard copy & soft copy)  Domain registration  Gmail Admin Account  Stamp and letter head (Hard copy & soft copy)  Business Cards (Design & 16 Hard Copies)

Company Profile


A summary of the company that envision it.

Company confidentiality agreement


A document intended to protect your privacy information of your company when in discussion with a person employed or to be employed for services in your company.

Logo design and filing


We provide Logo designing which caters to customers needs.